Consulting & Work Philosophy


I am available for consulting services. I enjoy helping colleges and business tie their data together to make better decisions, to prove their ROI, and determine what content to produce on their websites to improve performance. I consult on inbound marketing, setting up lead workflows and analytics. On occasion I do take web design and development projects. I can be contacted at and if I feel that I am not the best person for your project, I will recommend someone who can do the job at a reasonable price with the highest quality of work. load-of-data

About Me and My Work Philosophy

I am a Higher Ed web professional with six years of higher ed experience, I’ve been designing and developing websites for more than half my life. Obsessed with data – from gathering, preprocessing, mining, post processing, analyzing & presenting data visualizations that are simple to interpret, I possess the communication skills necessary to explain, teach, and talk to anyone.

I focus on pushing data science innovation across the college, proving marketing ROI, aligning web presence with business objectives, and giving monetary value to website goals.

A bit of a Frankenstein, I can create & execute successful inbound marketing strategies, as well as online paid campaigns and am able to create content in any media. I’m fluent in several programming languages and use my data skill set to combine data to target marketing, enhance UI & UX, decipher successful marketing spend, & provide users with the content they want, when they want it, in the format they want.

I have extensive education, but my strengths are in practical application, experience, learning & growing from past failures & being a dedicated life long learner. I enjoy mentoring the employees I supervise & encourage them to own their work and the quality of it and learn continuously. I love working with people who are passionate, have pride in what they do, prove to be trustworthy to make decisions independently, team players who are dedicated to learning something new everyday and have strong work ethic.

I enjoy what I do and need a positive, innovative team and environment dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. I need an environment that is agile and has the urgency needed to take action swiftly to improve operations and practices to make positive impact.